Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A note on retiring the blog

Dear friends,

I started this blog in 2007. That's 4 years of writing and in blog terms, that's about 400 years right? I think I gave it a good go. I wrote reviews on some fantastic films, met a lot of great people and made sure all the links on the right  were current. For the most part, I was on top of new releases, both cinema and DVD, and exciting movie news and trailers. I flirted with podcasting and interviews. I talked to David Wenham, Abbie Cornish, Don La Fontaine, Robert Connelly and quite a few others. I worked on a national radio show with a guy who was also on 60 minutes and they let me on air! I wrote fill-in reviews for the capital city paper. I was, and am, a proud member of the AFCA.

So why retire the blog? I'm still obsessed with movies, going to the cinema regularly, talking movie news with friends. I watch trailers all the time and see tons of  movies on TV and DVD.The simple answer is, I just can't be bothered anymore. I read countless articles far better written than mine on a daily basis. I see people who work very hard and turn blogs into websites into businesses. I just don't have that energy or momentum to strive for that any more. At one point I was writing for 3 websites, doing reviews on two radio stations and filling in for the local paper as well as updating JRM. I was guesting on 2 other national radio stations regularly. I wasn't paid for any of it and was working 2 jobs at the same time!  I burnt myself out and I've never been able to recover the enthusiasm I once had for writing and presenting reviews.

None of this has soured my love for movies. I will always spend time watching a film. I can't help it! I'm a movie buff, and always will be one.

Please keep in touch on twitter. I'll review in 140 characters until someone can give me motivation in monetary form perhaps, and I'll return to radio or writing. Until then, go see a movie!

All the best,



Scott said...

Sorry to hear that you're closing, but your reasons are of course yours to make! I've certainly had a few chuckles reading through your postings.

Anyway shall certainly keep the RSS feed & will focus on (friendly) harassing you on twitter ;-)

Anamnesis said...

Bummer, even more so since I don't (and won't) use Twitter :(

I do know where you are coming from though... Sometimes I just want to watch the movies without the thought that I am going to have to review them.

Happy Movie Watching!

Jen said...

Thanks to you both. :)