About Me

My story begins one day in a country area of North East Texas, where a heavily pregnant woman drove 30 miles to the nearest cinema to see Superman fly. Despite the fact she had to pee every 5 minutes and could barely roll in and out of the car on her own, she refused to miss Christopher Reeve making his first appearance as the man of steel. To this day, when she relays the story, her eyes light up when she says "they made a man fly, really fly"! I was born a couple of months later to a woman who would always encourage my love for film. 

So how did this blog come about? I obsessed over movies so much that I decided, instead of annoying all my friends and family, I'd let it all out on this blog which I began in 2007. My background includes writing for other websites, newspapers and reviewing films on radio since 2002. I’m also an experienced interviewer and love meeting the people who make the movies I adore. I'm a proud former card-carrying member of the Australian Film Critics Association.

I'm a Texan (as you may have guessed) who lives in the gorgeous island state of Tasmania, Australia. When I'm not watching movies, I work in communications, play PC games, hang out with friends in dive bars seeing local bands (Tassie is spoiled for choice) while discussing the world, trawl the internet or nap (I'm quite fond of napping). I love to read and am at any given time cruising through at least one novel. In fact, I'll read almost anything and feel odd if I don't have a book waiting for me at bedtime. I travel when I have the money, more often than not back to the US to see family and friends or to the great cities of mainland Australia. In 2010 I went to the Solomon Islands (amazing) and in 2013 to Cambodia (the people!) and Vietnam (the food!). There are many places I'd like to go, and I hope to see at least one per year! (Egypt, the most dangerous and expensive, tops the bucket list along with Africa as a continent in general!)

Thanks for visiting my site. As it is now mostly retired, you can find me on twitter and I love hearing from everyone, especially movie buffs! Please, go see a great movie today!