Friday, July 13, 2007

Movie Minute

What's a Movie Minute? Simply put, its a short ramble about film related things, but nothing too exciting. Well, exciting and interesting to me but maybe not you. I just love to share. (I'm very generous)

One of my friends, the one who is the most cynical movie-goer of all, constantly complains about pretty much everything. For the purpose of this blog, I'm going to call him Complainatron. He's one of those guys that obviously wants a career in "the industry" but just doesn't put in the mileage. He's also a self appointed expert on all things film.

C and me used to kick it and chat about movies for hours, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, as we both get older and see more movies, he seems to be heading in the direction of 'that guy who loves to hate movies'. These are the people that see movies all the time, but can't stop saying what was wrong with them. That really annoys me!

I'm sorry if I refuse to lay down my heart and view a movie purely from an academic perspective. He shouldn't have used a wide shot there. She didn't have to include that in the script. WHO F*****G CARES!

Did you like the movie? Did you come out with a warm and fuzzy feeling? Did the film accomplish what it set out to? If you answered yes to all of these, you liked the movie, whatever movie it is. I won't ever say that Transformers should win an Academy Award for best picture (def. best effects) and I'm not ever going to kid myself that it could. However, I can appreciate a film as a whole and look at it from the perspective of an average cinema goer. I could pick any movie to bits (Especially Woody Alan films...those and Nick Cave music. I can never understand why either have fans) but I'd rather just be entertained.

Isn't that what movies are for???

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