Monday, July 9, 2007

REVIEW: Nancy Drew (2007)

Directed by: Andrew Fleming (The Craft, Dick)

Starring: Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew

PLOT: The sleuth is back! 16 year old Nancy Drew solves crimes for fun. Based on the beloved children's books.


I saw two movies in the last few days at the cinema. One is a 20-something's comedy about an unplanned pregnancy, also known as Knocked Up. The second movie I went to was tween mystery flick, Nancy Drew. As a 20 something woman myself, which one do you think I enjoyed more?

I'm almost too embarassed to admit this but I actually enjoyed Nancy Drew more. Why you ask? Well let me explain. I happen to be a kid trapped in an adult's body. This can make it difficult at times to objectively review movies, which is why I freely admit that my reviews are biased. I am far more happy watching Back to the Future than Citizen Kane, and tend to rate the former higher than the latter.

Nancy Drew stars Emma Roberts, niece of THE Julia Roberts, in this update of the classic children's novels. This time Nancy is thrust into the modern world when her father moves them to Los Angeles, California for a short stint due to work. Nancy is forbidden to 'sleuth' but when put in charge of finding a house to rent, chooses one with a fantastic Hollywood murder mystery.

Director Andrew Fleming, who has previously tackled some rather serious issues, has a lot of fun with Nancy Drew. I don't mean in that 'creepy uncle' way either. Fleming also co-wrote the script which shows he had a little more invested than just a paycheck.

Emma Roberts in one of her first major roles, proves that she's anything but in her auntie's shadow. A cute, sincere actress she seems about as far removed from rehab as La Lohan did when she was involved with Disney. Let's hope things don't change for her! However, her next movie, Wild Child, has a very rehabby ringtone to it. Let's just say for now Emma Roberts is impressive and I'm looking forward to seeing what she does in the future.

The cast is sound, the script is suitably cheesy but fun. The mystery is simple but interesting and the young cast seem to have a good chemistry. My favourite part was the Bruce Willis cameo. I nearly squealed like a little piggie when he said in his oh so charismatic way, "Hi, I'm Bruce". Even without the best cameo of this year (even better than in Ocean's 12) I really enjoyed this movie. Any film that accomplishes reconnecting me to my pre-teen self is aces in my book, and Nancy Drew does just that.

This isn't the best tween movie I've seen, but it certainly was worth the time.

3/5 Sleuth Stars!

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