Thursday, August 30, 2007

Movie Minute: Owen Wilson

I don't usually like to cover 'gossip' topics on my blog but this has affected me to the point of having to do so.

Owen Wilson apparently, according to news reports, recently attempted suicide after a drug binge.

It's always hard to hear things like this about one of your favourites. Owen always makes me laugh, no matter what he does. I think he's incredibly talented as a comedian and has potential that is yet to be tapped in his hopefully long career.

If it IS drugs, I hope he gets better ASAP. I'm confident that Owen has 'clean' friends and family that will help him get through this period in his life.

If any of you are feeling suicidal or are having a drug addiction problem, please get help immediately. Even if it's just to talk about it to a friend. That's a great first step.

To Owen Wilson, I think you're fabulous and so does everyone else. Go to rehab, talk to a shrink, get over your issues and continue making the movies that keep us laughing. I miss you already!

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