Saturday, September 15, 2007

Movie Minute: September 15, 2007

Dear diary...the dead are back. I seriously hope that's not the official tagline for George A. Romero's new zombie flick Diary of the Dead, due for release (apparently) later this year. (It's not by the way, 'Shoot the dead' is the real one)

I'm such a fan of this man who basically started the zombie revolution in horror movies. When I was a kid, I watched Dawn of the Dead (1978) and pretty much fell in love with it. Now, anytime I catch a whiff (pardon the pun) of the undead, I'm there.

Of course, the world turning into zombies is one of my biggest fears and I even have a 'Zombie Survival Plan' which inludes the amenities across the street from me and the fact I live on the second floor of my building...

Diary of the Dead is basically the story of some kids who are filming a zombie movie then real zombies show up. Nice! I mean, this has been done before, but not by George A...FREAKIN...Romero. I've mentally already bought my ticket.

Anyway you can read more about Romero by clicking here...and about Diary of the Dead by clicking here and here.

If you are a true zombie fan, one of my friends passed on an audio book to me that's pretty sweet. It's called World War Z by Max Brooks. He narrates it and you could swear it's Elijah Wood at times. It's basically a big collection of stories about certain characters from their point of view about what happened when half the world became flesh eaters. I used to listen to this on my morning walk to broad daylight...and I'd get so scared that I would actually jump if someone passed me walking. Yes I'm an idiot, but this audio-book is very well done. Mark Hamill even does a voice!

That's all from me for now! Have a great weekend to all!

ps Go rent/buy Shaun of the Dead if you haven't seen it...genius!

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