Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Movie Minute

So it's Tuesday...movie Tuesday here where I live. That means cheap movies at the local cinema. People flock there like that scene in Dawn of the Dead (the original) in the mall.

People just want their cheap tickets.

I think these Tuesdays show two things...1. People are still very interested in seeing movies on the big screen and 2. They buy a lot of popcorn. Therefore, I declare that every night should be 'T.A.T' (tight ass Tuesday). I assume cinemas make the most money from their horrendously overpriced popcorn, candy and coke so why not stick with that plan? People don't want to pay $50 everytime they go to the movies for 2 tickets and a combo. If every night was cheap, people would spend more on those combos...the ones that probably cause mortgage rates to rise.

Anyway, I didn't take advantage of T.A.T. It was my dear friend's birthday and my two movie gal pals, VHS_gal and Cinema_gal, were there. So of course often times we would go on rants and off on tangents with various films and facts etc. These were the times when we were left to our own devices and ignored mostly by the rest of the diners...fine with us but sometimes I wonder if people are getting really over it. Though,they didn't seem to mind, and neither did my large glass of CabSav.

I guess part of being friends with me is dealing with my predictable movie chat during the night. It's going to happen. Birthday_girl sometimes rolls her eyes in a fond-type way when it happens but I think she knows it's just one of those parts she has to accept.

I wanted to just briefly mention about my new domain before I go...I now can be reached at http://www.jenreviewsmovies.com which will redirect you here. Very exciting stuff. I'll prob have it actually working in a day or two :)

Today's advice is...Please go see a movie or two and do me a favour? Dump your brain and go with your heart...it probably won't steer you wrong and even if it does, at least you'll learn something.

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