Sunday, December 9, 2007

Movie Minute

The new household helper bot wasn't as successful as previously predicted

Apparently Christian Bale will play John Connor in the next revamp of the Terminator series.

Batman I's not Bale's normal choice of film, yet it suits him and he plays it well. He obviously signed on because he knew it wouldn't be your average Superhero films.

But Terminator? Seriously, I love Terminator. #2 has to be in the top 5 action movies of all time. Yet, it's easy to admit it was a bit B Grade...this is so NOT Bale.

Bale awoke to realise the dream about McG directing him was true...

I've got hopes that the new Terminator trilogy will be an upgrade, like the new Batman movies are. Yet, the fact that McG will be directing doesn't exactly leave me with a bottomless pit of hope.

This is one of those movies I won't be excited about until the trailer.

Watch this spot!

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