Friday, January 25, 2008

The true evil of Hollywood

It was like Xmas for Satan's Little Helpers...Lots of souls at bargain prices!

I've never understood why the famous of the land don't rise up and change legislation against paparazzi to make it more difficult for them to be soul-less money hungry scavengers. They rise up as writers when they aren't paid enough but why won't Hollywood fight for their basic human right to dignity? Their right to privacy?

The last straw for me was when they showed Heath Ledger's body being removed on the news. Firstly, respect may need someone to respect yours one day. Secondly, have any shred of respect for yourself and those who are your golden ticket. Third, there is so much more to worry about in the big world than the death of one.

I loved Heath Ledger, as much as I could care for someone I had never met or didn't know much about. Perhaps it's more accurate to say, I loved his body of work. I have that ultimate respect for him. His career enriched my life. His shrunken, dead body in a black bag on the 9 o'clock news didn't change that.

What it did do was make me so angry I wanted to spit, as my Granny would say.

Even the person who I thought was the most greedy of them all, Perez Hilton, has refused to post body bag pics or those of grieving ex Michelle Williams and her daughter. Star Jones posted a lovely short article HERE about her similar digust in the demonazzi.

I've decided to leave the site black for the time being, as a tribute. I just want to honour Heath as long as the darkness surrounds me. When I don't feel so melancholy...I'll change back to my light airy blog-self. For now, the ongoing coverage of this death will continue to sadden and anger me. I grieve for the career of one of Hollywood's best and brightest.

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