Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Movie Minute

The internet is so good for procrastination! I'm supposed to be studying right now, not re-reading all the emails from the SAG awards and crying into my keyboard or trawling sites for info about movies but...what's a girl to do???

I was on the message board at IMDB.COM's page for The Mummy 3. I probably read this before but only just REALISED that Maria Bello is playing Evey! She's replacing Rachel Weisz who is small, English and dark haired. Bello is blonde, VERY American and athletic looking. First of all replacing Weisz with anyone was stupid (hello, kill her character off) and secondly, replacing her with an American is just a bad, bad idea. Prediction? The Mummy 3 will carry on the tradition of #2...El Sucko! (Don't worry, I'm excited anyway...stills of Fraser in his pseudo-Indy garb got me all bothered and err...hot?)

I also just received an email from 'my guy' (much like any other addict, I too have a dealer) regarding a preview screening of Juno. That's right! I get to see it finally! Before other normal folks! Well, in Australia that is. I am already chuckling at Michael Cera in those shorts and Ellen Page shaking off the fact she was in X Men: The Last Stand. I've heard nothing but good things from critics and the gen-pub.

I finished watching Shaun of the Dead for about the zillionth time today. Still funny! Still creepy! Simon Pegg is just a delight and I'm so looking forward to seeing some of the new feature films he's involved with like Run Fatboy Run and Star Trek. Oh dear, now you all know how geeky I truly am...though I do prefer Wars over Trek any day!

Fresh from the accolades he's receiving for Be Kind, Rewind (which isn't even out yet?) Jack Black discusses his new project about the first year of Christianity...with Michael Cera! Harold Ramis (Egon!) is directing. Click HERE to read about it on Dark Horizons.

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