Sunday, January 20, 2008

REVIEW: Bowling for Columbine

Charlton Heston, age 9.

Now Bowling for Columbine has been out for a while, and if you haven't heard of it, it's Micheal Moore's documentary on why so many people kill each other with guns in America.

It takes a look behind what you see on the evening news.

I always knew Americans loved guns, I mean I grew up in Texas. I remember handling a loaded Magnum Pistol when I was about 10 years old...rifles even before then. Living in Australia that type of thing horrifies me now, but back then it was just normal.

I love how Moore shows us Canada, also a gun loving country full of the weapons. Yet their murder rate from guns is below 300 per year where America is over 11, 000 deaths from guns a year. If that statistic doesn't want to make you watch the film, just take my word for it. Wherever you live, you should see the movie.

Michael Moore's films do appear one-sided, but it's usually the correct side to be on.

Everyone yearned for an explanation to the killings at Columbine, and now Virginia Tech. The answers lie in this movie.

So even if you're a gun toting NRA member you should watch this movie. Find out why you fight so hard for your right to keep a loaded weapon in your home or on your body.

So that's about the message...what about the film? Well it's easy to watch, well constructed, amusing at times and heartbreaking at others. It was equally as compelling as 9/11. I feel so sorry for Moore who clearly loves America, and is trying desperately to save it. Too bad most of the people who watch his movies, are the ones who already know the changes need to be made.

5/5 Anti-gun Stars

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