Thursday, February 7, 2008

So it's all about the dead...

Amy was willing to do anything for the 1/2 price Prada shoes

Since I feel pretty dead (cough due to cold) I thought it would be appropriate to visit the afterlife.

What better way to do that than indulge in two new trailers for upcoming zombie flicks???

I was browsing the internet (as I sadly do daily...can't help myself) and found that George A. Romero was holding a competition for home-made zombie movies to feature before his new film Diary of the Dead , which led me to remember that I hadn't yet seen the trailer for it. How disappointed in myself I was...and I call myself a fan. TSK TSK

For some reason I ended up watching the trailer for the Day of the Dead remake and then realise that I was around 89% sure I hadn't seen the original!

I watched both trailers and made a promise to see all 3 films. I'm really annoyed that I haven't given the zombie King the respect I thought I was giving for so long. Dawn of the Dead (1978) has to be one of my all time favourite films. These new ones look ok but I still can't agree with the idea of fast moving zombies. Does anyone else have this issue? How are you going to move at full speed if you're, you know, deceased? (Except in the case of a virus as in 28 Days/Weeks later) I think about this stuff ok.

I remember listening to my first ever audio book in Summer 2006. It's by a man called Max Brooks and the title of the novel is World War Z. The story is narrated by Brooks, who tells the tales of several survivors and what they experienced in the many years during and after the world being taken over by the undead. It's one hell of an audio book which led to me jumping in fright at some poor unsuspecting citizen on my walk to work one very sunny and happy looking morning. Max Brooks followed the success of this with another, The Zombie Survival Guide (what else) which ended up being a tad more light hearted especially since most zombie fans have a vague idea of their own escape/survival plan mapped out in their head.

I'm looking forward to someone adapting, or at the very least trying to adapt, World War Z for the big screen. I think it would make a great trilogy that told of the beginning, middle and end of the war. I'd love for Max Brooks to narrate the big screen version too (he sounds almost exactly like Elijah Wood and it works).

For now I'll stick with Romero. Here's his trailer for Diary of the Dead, which looks far superior to the Day of the Dead remake...even the trailer can't make that look good.

Diary of the Dead - Exclusive Trailer

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