Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Blunt Drillbit?

This is a copy of my article written for Mile Hive.

Medidation Camp wasn't as fun as everyone expected...

I remember watching these kinds of flicks when I was a tween. I was always the smart kid, the one that got picked on, so I identified with the freaks and geeks. I loved movies like Weird Science and D.A.R.Y.L where the weirdos ruled and normal kids drooled. I was able to create this fantasy bubble, where there was a possibility that I might actually be able to create a hottie out of my Ken doll who’d protect me on the mean streets and create the cool. I’d always hoped, anyway.

In Drillbit Taylor, Owen Wilson stars as a homeless ex-military man who is hired by a group of kids in need of protection from the high school bully. Certainly a premise that sounds familiar and it is, believe me. How many movies have been made about the awkward transition that is high school? Oh, thousands. So as you can imagine, it’s hard to create a classic, something kids today will look back on and say, “Hey remember that movie”.

In the wake of the tsunami that was Juno, everyone realised just how difficult it is to come up with something so clever, touching and original. Not that everything has to be, it merely has to entertain, and Drillbit Taylor accomplishes this, if nothing else. It fits into that category of movies, the invisible drawer that’s labelled “generic – made for mass production”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Drillbit Taylor is one of the endless stream of movies that are churned out each year to fill the gaps. It’s like an episode of your favorite TV show that just isn’t up to scratch. Yet, even these films have their appeal and can be entertaining. In this case, I did expect more from co-writer Seth Rogan and Owen Wilson who phones it in. However, the kids who are cast in the film are so adorable and likeable, you want them to win and some of the jokes aren’t too shabby either.

I give Drillbit Taylor 2.5 out of 5 stars. This will be great on DVD when you’re looking for something for the older kids to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I doubt they’ll be talking about it as adults though.

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