Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've been MIA...

Not my cat, or my house. I was even too lazy to take a photo...

You ever have those times where you just can't seem to force yourself to do anything? The dishes pile up in the sink, the dirty clothes seem to breed, the cat has destroyed something all over the house but you just can't seem to care? Well, that's been me for the last few days.

I feel drained. I think it's mostly due to the fact that I keep getting ground down into little powdery pieces every time I try to accomplish something. Without going into details, let's just say that some spend their time trying their hardest to attain goals while others' time is spent trying to tear down the dreams of others.

Sometimes people like that light a fire under me and sometimes they make my dishes pile up. I suppose it's all part of life...questioning why you keep doing this or that when no one seems to support you.

Whatever happens, I still love movies and I still love talking/writing about them. Sometimes though, I just can't make myself leave the mental bubble with the big cartoon question mark above it. I suppose the bubble popped again and here I am. More movie stuff coming soon!

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