Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disappointments all around...(MOVIE NIGHTMARES)

This is the selection this week at the AU box office

Big Stan (Rob Schneider)
Edge of Heaven
The Painted Veil
Smart People

And in the USA:

Baby Mama (TINA FEY!!!)
Deal (another casino/poker flick)
Harold and Kumar 2
Deception (weirdo sex and intrigue)
Rogue (killer crocs)
Then She Found Me (for women 'of a certain age')
Roman de gare (French w/Eng subs)

Apart from one or two out of each country, it's not difficult to see why Hollywood is in a slump and cinemas are closing everywhere. Chef Gordon Ramsay would say: THIS IS F*****G GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Iron Man starts next week and puts a cork in the black hole of movies for yet another year. Despite this, I have acquired a pass to the Patrick Dempsey romcom Made of Honour. Two words: PIGEON HOLED.

I love movies, but I hate movie makers sometimes...

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SizzlingPopcorn.com Admin said...

I agree with you, Jen! Hollywood hasn't produced much of the good stuff up to now and Iron Man will kick off the blockbuster season.