Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lights go down, a lady gasps, there's sex...

No really, 60 is the new 40!

Sex and the City that is. I went to a preview screening for Made of Honor tonight (one day in advance, that's just how I roll) and I was sitting there surrounded by ladies between the ages of 25 and 45. The lights went down and as soon as Carrie's face, oh I mean Sarah Jessica Parker's face, appeared on screen several women behind me literally gasped and one ended up crying she was so excited. Ok, it was a good show, but won't this just be a two hour episode of the SATC of old? I'm hoping they can come up with something new but I really see no need for such a film, except for those gasps.

You know I love the movies, and that just made me love them even more. I've cried in trailers before (Indiana Jones 4 made me weep tears of joy) and I've gasped, but knowing that others do it too makes it all the more special. Then I noticed the bottom of the screen where there was a perfect row of silhouetted heads (I slouch) and I couldn't restrict the grin any longer. It cracked my entire facade...damn you amusing silhouetted heads. Oh I do love the movies.

You just farted, didn't you?

I wasn't too excited about seeing Made of Honor. Sure, I loved Patrick Dempsey in the 80's. Who didn't? He was an adorable geek, similar to Jon Cryer but better looking. Might Pretty in Pink have turned out differently if Dempsey had played Duckie? Perhaps.

Now he's all grown up and executing that Dr.McDreamy role he's perfected in television's Grey's Anatomy. He's a handsome guy but I was becoming increasingly frustrated with his roles in romcoms...Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted. Yet there is something sincerely charming about the guy even though he only has one part to play in every role in which he's cast. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means he's not a character actor and I can say that what he does do is great.

Made of Honor is the story of Tom (Dempsey), a bachelor who refuses to dedicate more than one night to any lady. His best friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) puts up with all his stories of male sluttiness over the years. When Hannah finally meets a man she can marry, Tom figures out she's the one he's wanted all along. Surprise! This movie is formulaic and oh so predictable. It's set in New York (gag), there's the goofy support characters and the climactic ending.

However, Made of Honor is genuinely funny, well written and has a pleasing pace. It's definitely a refreshing take on the old formula and with some real heart. A few faces popped up in this film that enriched the story, supports that were fished out from the soup of 90's television like Kadeem Hardison (I had the biggest crush on Dwayne Wayne) and ex Dawson's Creek tidbit Busy Philips. Ultimate loser Kevin Sussman provides some of the heartiest laughs in the film as an outsider desperately trying to be "one of the guys" at the weekly friendly b-ball game.

The fact this story is told from a male perspective and with his very MALE friends helping Tom in his quest, gave the plot a fresh feel. Michelle Monaghan is rapidly becoming one of my on screen favorites since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and with Gone Baby Gone securing her in my one-to-watch list.

Made of Honor isn't a brilliant film but as far as the genre goes, it is a stand-out for entertainment value. I think if you took your sig-oth to it, they wouldn't kill you either. It really is funny!

3/5 Heart Shaped Stars

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