Monday, April 7, 2008


Hey guys, you can follow my progress on Twitter now thanks to a guy named Leo and another one named Alex.

This morning I was an accidental guest on a webcast by Leo Laporte.
He's a tech expert on radio, tv and web out of the USA. I was lucky to bump into him at the radio station where I do movie and gossip reports. Sadly it was his last morning with the station so I only got to butt in once!

I had a lot of fun though and his community of listeners/viewers is incredibly supportive. Please have a look at his site and various podcasts etc
HERE. He knows tons about digital photography etc and is in Australia with Adobe for just that reason.

Just in case you actually want to, you can subscribe to me on Twitter HERE.

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Alex Miller said...

hey jen!

love the site, and thanks for the mention :)