Monday, May 19, 2008

Bits and Bobs (or Mutts?)

Hallo! My name is Inigo Montoya...

This week the entire world celebrates an event unparalleled in movies. That's the release of another Indiana Jones movie, this Thursday, May 22nd. Harrison Ford is old, this is true. However, he IS buff, as is Mr.LaBeouf who hopefully will recover from the ego boost this whole thing is going to give him.
I am, needless to say, on the verge of peeing my panties.

I've been neglecting this little spot for a couple of reasons, and I always let you know when I have and why. Reason #1: I started a job in my other life, the boring reality one, and it's taken a bit of getting ready for. I wanted to do it right you see. Reason #2: I'm working on a better website for you, in conjunction with several great pals I've made on Twitter. Great blokes who I wish I could just go have a beer with but unfortunately they are spotted all over the globe!

I finally re-watched Iron Man and let me tell you, second viewing is equally as wonderful as the first. I can't believe I missed the delectable little tidbit after the credits the first time around. I refused to miss it this time and the entire 20 seconds or so was well worth the time and effort. I am telling you, see this movie before Indy rocks your world and makes you forget just how awesome Robert Downey Jr. is.

Tonight I got out to the cinema again to play catch-ups with my home country.
21 only just started here in Australia, while my friends and family back home had the pleasure weeks ago. Frustrating, but also worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed 21 and while it's a work night and nearly midnight, I have no time to write a proper review...yet. This film does deserve the treatment though. Highly entertaining and so hard to believe it's based in reality.

I'll be writing more soon (as in tomorrow) for this blog and other websites. I look forward to updating my site, for you just as much as myself. Thank you for sticking around. Hopefully one day I can repay you, somehow.

PS Indy Fever this week...lots of links to come for video & articles relating to the film!

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