Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day is Crap


Well at least at the movies. Where I live they are holding back Speed Racer until school holidays...IN OVER A MONTH. Sure I hear it's sensory overload...but...I want to SEE IT!

The Mother's Day movies they are forcing on us here include What Happens in Vegas, Then She Found Me, Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and Smother. I don't mind seeing the Vegas one but honestly, is this any kind of offering for Blockbuster Season? I am so disappointed in the overwhelmingly out of touch Australian cinemas...

I at least want the CHANCE to judge Speed Racer (once again, without illegally downloading it).

1 comment:

Justin said...

Jen Jen - I have tickets to the Aus premiere if you can make your way to Sydney on the 1st June? Jus x