Monday, May 12, 2008

What really happened in Vegas?

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I knew they were giving you the Xmas bonus!

Sometimes I make mistakes. I’m not one of those critics who is above admitting I was wrong, and this isn’t the first time either. There was a few weeks back when I tried to defend Nim’s Island, several years ago when I wanted to convince myself and everyone else that Bad Boys II was a great idea, and when I was even younger and thought that perhaps Ninja Turtles III was just as good as I and II. Like I said, mistakes.

When you read my previous review of the romantic comedy Made of Honor, you might notice some of those errors in judgement. For example, when I said it was “refreshing” and “genuinely funny”. Let’s all admit it, that was truly a made-to-order Rom Com, with nothing new except the faces. Maybe there were some chuckles here and there, but “genuinely funny”? I’m not so sure now.

You may ask, what has happened for me to question my unwavering accuracy? What could possibly have dented my iron clad resolve? Tonight I went to see a Rom Com that deserved the review I gave Made of Honor, truly. The movie’s called “What Happens in Vegas” and it stars Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. I went into this thinking, here are two semi-washed up actors in a try-hard Superbad for grown ups.

I now sentence you to 3 months of acting classes

In the movie, Kutcher plays a loser womaniser who can’t keep a job and Diaz is a workaholic who just got dumped by her fiancĂ©. Yes, this movie is set in New York (again, gag) but the fun starts when the two decide to head to Vegas to forget their woes and end up, best friends in tow, in the same hotel room. Several upgrades and a million vodkas later, they end up married. It’s all fun and games until Kutcher’s character wins 3 Million smackers with Diaz’s quarter.

Of course, in movie land, this means they can’t just get an annulment or even a quickie divorce. The judge sentences them to 6 months “hard marriage” with Queen Latifah in a random, and under-used, cameo as their counsellor. Hilarity ensues when the two desperately try to screw each other over for the cash. Of course, this results in them having tons of fun and getting to know each other better, blah blah blah.

The differences in this movie are in the comedy, the incredible visuals and real chemistry between the two leads. I should also mention the side characters, Rob Corddry and Lake Bell as their two best friends. While scheming with the married couple, they continually trade insults much to the audience’s delight. The end of the movie had me and my friend laughing all the way down the street to the car and then some. “I haven’t laughed like that in a movie for ages” she said. Me either.

What Happens in Vegas gets 3 ½ Stars from me and I’m downgrading Made of Honor to a more deserving 2 ½. It just wasn’t nearly as fun!

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