Thursday, June 19, 2008

Forbidden no more

Bob Marley was shocked to find he had a Chinese brutha from anutha mutha

I finally watched the Forbidden Kingdom and it was AWESOME! It was like an 80's teen movie mixed with this wonderful Crouching Tiger type fairy tale and something like Drunken Master. I haven't seen anything like it in ages and am happy to have stayed up until 1am on a work night to watch it! Please see this film if you enjoy martial arts films. It also pairs Jet Li and Jackie Chan for the first time together on screen and the battle is worth the watch!

It also has that adorable kid from Sky High in it...not for little kids but great for 10+ (with some violence, little or no blood). 3.5/5!!!

(ps I tried to fit more exclamation marks into this post but blogger has an exclamation mark's true)

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