Sunday, August 3, 2008

Everything I Wanted and More

Ok, ok I farted...just stop looking at me like that!

Wanted has only just hit Aussie shores this week, after making big impressions in the States. I even read some say it was one of the best action films of all time and I read the usual fanboy arguments as well (it's never as good as the comic/graphic novel blah blah etc etc). The film is loosely based on a comic book series created by Mark Millar in 2003 and stars Scot actor James McAvoy (w
ith a very convincing American accent mind) as an office drone who is awakened to his true identity by a mysterious stranger, Fox (Angelina Jolie). Turns out he's an assassin with killer skills. Think Matrix style abilities with weapons. Why does this stuff never happen to me?

I admit, I was skeptical of this film as I was seeing The Dark Knight. Ever since INDY IV I keep thinking my hopes will be dashed and that the film just won't be what it should, or could, have.

Yet, Wanted crashed through that barrier like a freight train on crack and made me not only sit up and take notice, but do this from the edge of my seat.Yes, the action was creative and fun. Yes, the story was strong and entertaining. Yes, it exceeded expectations.

Damn tailgaters!!!

James McAvoy went from his cultured role in Atonement to this steroid-fueled action flick flawlessly. He was brilliant as Wesely and the sentiments about his poor overweight boss and our own lives are delivered with purpose and meaning. There's a scene near the beginning, without spoiling anything, where Wesley speaks for all of us.

Daywatch and Nightwatch director Timur Bekmambetov has taken his larger US budget and ran with it, using his ingenuity from those Russian beauties on a much bigger scale. Konstantin Khabensky, star of the "Watch" series also makes a welcome cameo.

McAvoy was happy to leave his career in soft-core behind...

While Angelina Jolie's scarily thin frame does distract at times (her mother had just passed away), and some of the action scenes might make Michael Bay cringe, overall Wanted was just a damn good ride. I loved the entire film from beginning to end and might even go as far to say I had a better time watching this than The Dark Knight, even though the latter is overall a better film.

I recommend Wanted to those of you who've been craving a really high quality, entertaining action film. I don't think that the old ladies in the audience really knew what they were getting into when they were seeing a film with "that nice lad from Atonement" in it. Though, one older couple who must have been in their 70's, walked out grinning like teenage boys. I guess it just depends on what you like, and if you like action, you'll LOVE this movie.

I give Wanted 4/5 Stars, riddled with bullet holes!

PS Thanks to Justin for his shout out and damn him for getting to go to the premiere! :)


Justin said...

Ha ha! Damn me to hell ;)

Anonymous said...


I agree with your review...and lol @ those elderly ladies ;)

P.S: I saved that pic of James that wrong of me??

Yes I am a Pervert. But a harmless one.

Jen Reviews Movies said...

haha no not wrong at all. What a lovely picture it is. :)

I really need to see that movie again!!!