Sunday, August 10, 2008

R.I.P. Judge Peabody

Actor and Comedian Bernie Mac passed away yesterday from complications due to pneumonia. It's what my Grandfather died of and he was only young too. Mac was 50.

I never was a big fan of Mr.Mac but I did enjoy his smaller roles such as Judge Peabody in Booty Call and Frank Catton in the Ocean's films.

Bernie Mac was in hospital for a week before the illness claimed his life.

Mac leaves behind his adoring family who were inspiration for his sitcom "The Bernie Mac Show".

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Liz Bethany said...

This is so sad. I was reading about it the other week when he was in hospital, but they were holding out hopes for his recovery. I think he was great, wasn't his biggest fan but he was a funny guy. His poor family..

RIP Mr Mac.