Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah, I Cried

Potentially me in 15 years...but without balls

My plans for tonight were: Go to Hapkido (kick ass Korean martial art) then watch Never Back Down (kick ass martial arts movie).
Unfortunately things just didn't work out the way I had planned. Sure I made it to class but about half way through one of my classmates (who is very nice and perfectly understanding, oh and happens to be a kick boxer) kicked the crap out of my hand while I was holding this paddle thing that we, uh, kick. So me being so inexperienced wasn't holding the paddle right and for some reason when it made contact I just burst out crying!

Not only did I cry like a little girl, I had to actually leave the mat to recover. Yes, ok, a full grown man kicked my hand pretty hard and yes I have 3 purplish bruises. But cry? In front of everyone? And the worst part was nearly the whole class stopped to see what was wrong! OH MY GOD. I think I can probably count it as one of the most humiliating moments of my life. Here I am in a martial arts class, feeling all tough, and I end up wiping snot off my face for 10 minutes because someone tapped me on the hand. *head hangs in shame*

Then, I was looking forward to re-booting my motivation by watching Never Back Down but when I got home my boyfriend was halfway through watching it.

Night = Crapola.

I plan on recovering and several interesting methods were suggested for coping with getting hit. After all, it's not like I get hit every day (thankfully). I thought maybe someone could slap me as hard as possible across the face before class, so then I could toughen up. Get the crying out of the way. My sister offered to do it and I wonder why she was so enthusiastic.

I think for now I'll just stock up on sweet martial arts movies, maybe throw in some Rocky for good measure.

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