Thursday, October 23, 2008

I thought it was called 18 again...

Ok today I saw the trailer for a new film called "17 Again" starring heart throb of the moment Zac Efron and that guy from Friends, Chandler. Matthew something...oh who cares.

After this trailer, it got me thinking about all the other "youth swapping" or second chance movies out there with this type of theme. The first I recalled was of course, "18 Again". Wonder why...

Ok not the same story because in the first one it's a 37 year old turning into a 17 year old whereas in the second one, it's an 81 year old turning 18 again. Well ok, so it's pretty much the same. I've often really enjoyed these types of films, some of which I can count as all time faves.

The one I watch the most has to be the Tom Hanks vehicle "Big".

Some others you may have heard of or love include:

Freaky Friday
Young Again (TV with Keanu Reeves)
Like Father, Like Son
Vice Versa
13 Going on 30

If you know of any more, please comment below. I'm fascinated by these films!

While researching this little post I came across a link I think my fellow movie buffs will dig the mostest. Click HERE to visit The 80's Movie Rewind.

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