Friday, October 17, 2008

Rollercoasters, rain and the terrible "3's"

Hey film buffs! I'm back from my holiday in (not-so-sunny) Queensland, Australia! I had a great time despite constant rain and staying with my boyfriend's family which included one very angry 3 year old. 5 am wakeups have left me a bit zombified but I had a great trip. The Gold Coast of QLD is filled with wealthy people and tacky theme parks. It was an interesting place to visit, that's for sure! I loved Warner Bros Movie World (go figure). The Scooby Doo ride was awesome and the Superman Escape roller coaster was the best I've ever ridden. I made it to Dreamworld where my very good friend Steve works and I must admit the rides aren't as good but it was a great park. I loved the wildlife area and the baby tigers were ridiculously cute! Whitewater World (at Dreamworld) was a lot of fun. Giant water slides are scary but in the good way.

I'll leave you with two links that a coworker gave me...feast your eyes on interesting and beautiful film posters from every genre and generation.

Posters set 1

Posters set 2

Can't wait to watch some movies!


Anonymous said...

Those Polish posters are amazing. I wonder how they originated and why they apparently stopped and just used the usual US ones.

Jen Reviews Movies said...

I have no idea. That would be something interesting to look up but if I had to guess I'd say "the internet". All the borders have opened and the Polish would be aware of the US versions and possibly feel shunted after not seeing them plastered everywhere. I feel robbed by NOT having more of these amazing art works out there!