Thursday, November 6, 2008

Guess who's following me on Twitter?

THIS GUY! Sean Patrick Flanery, THE Young Indiana Jones. I'm totally stoked! I'm never going to make it as a professional critic am I? Fans can't be professional, it's just impossible.

It's probably just some publicist or whatever but if you want updates from SPF, click HERE.

Ack, somewhere teenage me just went into cardiac arrest!


Mireille M said...

Yes you'll make it as a professional critic, even professional critics are fans of someone.

Oh and a lady named Wendy Shepherd helps SPF run his Twitter page, along with his MySpace, Facebook and Sean's official fan/friend page. please feel free to drop by some time and check it out.

Jen Reviews Movies said...

Hi Mireille, thanks for that! I have stopped by the site and it's great! I love the updates. Thanks again for your comment.