Thursday, December 25, 2008


I'm sorry for not posting, it's the silly season, plus I'm lazy.

I hope you all have a very lovely Christmas no matter what religion you practice (if any). Just be good to each other and spend some time with your friends and family.

I hope there will be many more exciting things happening for you in the year to come.

Keep your eye on JRM. That new website is just sitting there waiting to be used. I have the new podcast, ALL STAR CAST, on the way as well as hopefully resuming some of my writing duties.

I'm looking forward to a bunch of great movies in 2009 including the new Harry Potter film which will eventually make it to screens if I have to hunt down JK Rowling myself.

I'll try to work on a "Best of 2008" list and will hopefully be seeing "The Day the Earth Stood Still" tomorrow.

Take care and be least until 2009. ;)

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