Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Wow, it's been an entire month since I last posted anything. I have no idea what's wrong with me. I've missed talking about my faves of 08, about the Oscars and the wonderful hosting job by Hugh Jackman and of course my predictions for 09.

I've seen SO many movies. Milk and the Wrestler were among my top faves of last year. Truly compelling simple stories, one of a real person and one fictional. I relished in the return of Mickey Rourke to proper dramatic acting, not to detract from his Sin City performance in any way which was excellent. I saw Sean Penn grow a heart where I thought would only be stone forever. 2008 wasn't a remarkable year for film, but these films will always make me remember it.

I recently also saw Role Models which really was full of as much emotion as it was of swearing.

Today I was thinking about 2009 as I read Empire Magazine's films to watch section. I saw the Terminator: Salvation trailer and forgot entirely about Christian Bale's idiotic rant. Then my friend Megan, who sometimes writes here and who co-hosts All Star Cast with me, mentioned that Watchmen starts this week.

I think 2009 is going to be an exciting year for film. Among the huge blockbusters such as the latest Harry Potter flick, there are some powerful small films set to ignite the hearts of all true movie buffs as highlighted at the end of this year's Academy Awards.

I'll try to post more often and am trying to get something visually better for you to peruse.

Thanks for being patient, and for all those of you who keep pestering me to post, DON'T STOP!

Finally, here's a pic of me turning 30. I still feel like a kid really

(Left to Right) My best friend Gen, myself, and best friend Megan

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Inkaholic74 said...

Crazy, Crazy busy World!! Just stoppig by to wish you a Happy BDay from the Caribbean!!! Hey it's oly been 46days!!! Feliz Cupleanos!!!