Monday, December 6, 2010

And did you know there will be a third Batman film?

Dear Heath,

It's been a while since you left. I'm still kind of mad at you for that, but these things happen I guess. Christopher Nolan's making a third Batman film. He's staying true to your memory and keeping your iconic character out of it (or so the rumours tell us, thankfully). He may have to mention you somehow, in fact, I don't think he could resist. Maybe we'll see a figure skateboarding in the background nonchalantly as if it were your ghost.

I still haven't watched Imaginarium. It's just too hard for me. I can't reconcile the fact that it's the last time I'll see something new you've done. I'm saving it for later, for when I feel a bit better about all of this. 

I hope you're doing well wherever you are. I hope that things are fun enough to keep you busy. Sleep comes more readily these days for you I suppose . A somewhat comforting thought. Something has to make up for the fact that your bright star burned out far too early.

Take care and speak to you eventually.



PS I miss all the movies you were going to make. x

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