Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 - A pretty geeky list of my most anticipated movies

2011 is set to bring some pretty incredible films to the big screen. What am I looking forward to?

It's 2011 for starters. Where did you come from you little scamp??? This is the year I turn 32, hopefully continue my travel adventures and perhaps change careers (I work on a contract basis). How am I? You really want to know? It's pretty boring. The standard stuff. The first world problems. How do I fit in? What am I supposed to be doing? How can I contribute, leave a mark, improve life on this unruly planet? You know what? I really just want to watch movies. It's selfish but who cares. If the world really does end in 2012, maybe all I want to remember at that critical moment is that I had happiness from time to time, experienced some beautiful things and created a little. I think that would be ok.

So bloggety blog. Movies in 2011 are exciting. Truly!  January signifies the beginning of awards season and therefore cinemas become dumping grounds for studio's crap, supposedly. I like what I've seen so far. The Tourist got absolutely canned by everyone but I enjoyed it. The movie was pretty and despite what the average critic might say, the chemistry between Jolie and Depp was WHOAH MAMA.  Morning Glory was average but sweet and entertaining. It was nice to see Harrison Ford playing a character a little closer to who he supposedly is in real life: a grumpy old bastard. The only stinker so far IMHO is Love and Other Drugs but I'm sure some would be wrapped up in the story. Again, the chemistry there was pretty great, pity the movie wasn't.

2011 Sees the end of Harry Potter, the beginning of the end of Twilight (there is a God?), the return of Simpon Pegg and Nick Frost to the big screen in a movie which gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, Paul, and many other totally kick ass movies. If you are lucky enough to live in Australia as this Texan is, you'll be able to pick up a copy of this month's issue of Empire Magazine. There you'll find a review of 2010 as well as a preview of some of the most anticipated films of the coming year. I have to say, the lineup is impressive.

On January 26, we get to see True Grit. Now I grew up a John Wayne fan and I am a notorious hater of remakes, yet I have tentative faith in the Coen Brothers and their skills. While they have way more hits (Fargo, No Country for Old Men) than the few big misses (The Ladykillers, Burn After Reading) I at least know what I'll see will be different. Westerns are probably one of my favourite genres of movies. Whether it was growing up watching all those Wayne flicks or hearing stories of outlaws in Texas, I somehow got a huge tender spot for anything involving the wild, wild west of the USA. So I'm nervous but excited about seeing this movie. It stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and one of THE most underrated actors ever, Barry "The Pep" Pepper. Give this guy an award already damn it! Needless to say, I know where my butt will be on January 26. 

Sci-Fi lovers have at least two absolute corkers to look forward to. Paul, the story of two buddies on a road trip who happen across an alien, looks set to be heartbreakingly funny. Simon Pegg is an absolute gem of a guy. One only has to follow him on twitter to know that. Tomorrow I'm picking up a copy of Pegg's book Nerd Do Well. I think Mr Pegg might be a bit of a hero just quietly. 
We're also anticipating Cowboys & Aliens. Favreau at the helm, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig as cowboys wielding space-age weapons...it's all a bit too much. 

In the USA right now you can see Natalie Portman in her Golden Globe winning turn as a ballet dancer on a dark descent in Black Swan. I don't just want to see this movie, I NEED TO. If you're a film buff, how could you ignore anything by Aronofsky? The trailer alone gives me chills. I think this will be a film that haunts my dreams for weeks. I love a movie that gets into your head that way. 
This blog entry would go on forever if I started talking about all the superhero movies (Captain America, Green Hornet, Green Lantern, XMen First: Class, THOR etc), the MOTHERFLIPPIN Muppets, the highly stylised action film Sucker Punch and everything else listed here.

What are you looking forward to in 2011? Are they geeky or a bit more traditional? Please let me know in the comments. I'm sure I've forgotten about a billion!
Just for shits and giggles, here's some trailers. Bon apetit!

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