Monday, April 4, 2011

Flappers, pain and aliens

In which I discuss a brilliant trip to Melbourne, my dislocated shoulder recovery and movies (duh).

 Last weekend I went to Melbourne, the fashion and arts capital of Australia! I love this city. It speaks to the freak and geek inside of me. I walk around in awe of all the stylish, beautiful hipster people and the so-cool-it-hurts cafes and bars. I flew there to see Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam) sing live at the aged Palais Theatre. It was definitely a memorable experience. Eddie is a consummate performer, a lover of music and philosophy, a talented writer who projects his words from a powerful throat. I felt like all of us, the audience, were sitting in some hip tiny bar in a New York City alleyway listening to our buddy play music. It was a great feeling. I cried when he sang Patriot, a song about loving being American and knowing why. This touched me deeply, especially the line about family, as I'll be moving back to Texas soon after 15 years of living in Tasmania, Australia. Life really is all about the journey.

In Melbourne, I also visited Cherry Bar, an incredibly rad rock n' roll dive that opened in 1999. You wouldn't know it though. The floors are so sticky you'd say it had been there since the 70's! I had an amazing time hanging out with some regulars there (shout out to Sayo & Casey plus their friends Evan, Jared and Laura - thanks for the unforgettable evening!). Visit Melbourne, don't leave without a trip to Cherry Bar on ACDC Lane (off  Flinders). The people, music and atmosphere are worth the stickiest shoe-bottoms ever. Don't let the crowd outside put you off. Everyone is very warm and welcoming. You won't be there long before you make friends! 

On the second night, I hit the town with some of the best people I've ever met in my life. We dressed like we were in the 1920's, drank prohibition era liquor and danced the night away. Recommendations include Ant's in China Town for the best Chinese food, price and service, as well as 1806 for world-class cocktails (literally, they have awards to prove it). I had a burning desire to revisit Cherry Bar but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Next time Melbourne, next time.

My shoulder is slowly recovering. Months of painful physical therapy ahead. I currently have very limited movement and still mostly use my left hand and arm for everything. Luckily though, I can type now. 

Recently I saw Battle: Los Angeles. It was a fun flick that imitated a lot of films that are much better (Independence Day, The Hurt Locker, Saving Private Ryan, District 9). However, seeing it on the big screen was worth it for two reasons: the 'splosions and Aaron Eckhart's chin.

Rango is probably my favourite movie of the year so far, other than Tangled. Go animation! I enjoyed the very adult material though I did see that a lot of kids got bored with it. Those over the age of 15 will delight at all the movie references. I particularly enjoyed the Blazing Saddles and Fear and Loathing nods. The voice-acting was some of the best I've heard. 

This week I'll be seeing Sucker Punch. Oh boy, how I've been waiting for this film. I'm sure I'll rave and/or rant about it all over Twitter.

This past weekend I watched all three Star Wars films. That's right. THREE. The only three that count. I laughed, I cried, I oohed, I ahhed. It was amazing.

Go watch a movie!

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