Tuesday, July 10, 2007

INTERVIEWS: To dream the impossible dream

Growing up with movies there were always two people I really wanted to meet, besides E.T. One won't surprise you because anyone who loves movies wants to have 5 minutes of this man's time. The other, you may question, so I have decided to explain my decisions here.

(No, one isn't Michael Bay)

Stephen Spielberg on the set of Jaws

In case you don't know who this is, it's Steven Spielberg, aka "THE MAN". When I was a kid (yes I start a lot of sentences like this, get over it), he was the only director I knew. Ok I was a LITTLE kid but for a 4 year old to know that Spielberg directed your favourite movie, that's kind of cool. He's pretty much had his paws on most of my favourite films from days gone by, and some that are yet to be made. I find it difficult discussing him because there are so many things to say. He's seen and done more than most people could dream of and he's usually successful. Steven (you can call me Jen) is probably one of the only people on the planet that could leave me speechless. (In real life I talk, a LOT)

Right now I'm struggling with what to write. Do I start with E.T, Jaws, Goonies, Indiana Jones...the mind boggles! I can't discount anything he's made, no matter how much I try. Amistad kind of sucked but I would never discount it, maybe just not watch it much.

Steven Spielberg agreed with me (so to speak) when he said that Michael Bay, after seeing Transformers, was the best man for the job. Spielberg says it, it must be true. In Hollywood, that tends to be a golden rule. For critics of Bay's film, that statement is hard to ignore.

When and if I ever get to speak to Steven Spielberg, I hope I can come up with some intelligent questions though I fear I may blurt out something like "Snakes, I hate snakes" or "Beeeeee Goooooood". Heaven forbid. Being a fangirl AND a serious journalist is really tough.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard

The second member of my oh so exclusive list is action icon Bruce Willis (real name Walter). Along with my sister, we have made a pact to collect all of his films, yes ALL. Not between us either, I mean each. You see, for some reason Bruce has this uncanny Han Solo like charisma that just appeals to us. Whether he's saving poor Africans from genocide or flying cabs in the future, he rings our bell. Loud and clear Mr. Willis, LOUD AND CLEAR.

I challenge any movie buff to go back and watch him cock that half-smile in Die Hard and dislike it. Even his critical duds seem to have a cult status like Hudson Hawk (one of my cats is named Hudson and she likes it) or the Fifth Element (I know every word).

I could probably give you a rundown of all of his films. I love the fact he has grown as an actor, from a bit of a bastard in Moonlighting to a dignified, outspoken presence. I've often joked to friends that the day I get to chat to Bruce will be the beginning of the end...as in nothing else could be as good. Even though he's been having a mid-life crisis lately (snogging/stalking much younger celebs, drunken rants on MTV) I still love his oh so bald head. Bruce, we'll always have Nakatomi.

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