Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NEWS: Bites

I've been net-trotting (kind of like globe-trotting but heaps sadder) and have made it my duty to pass on the knowledge I have gained.

1. I love Ricky Gervais, but somehow him starring in a buddy cop movie with Chris Rock really doesn't appeal to me. Your thoughts, opinions? Frankly I'd rather see Hugh Grant in Lord of the Rings.

2. WARNING, GRATUITOUS SELF PROMOTION: This Thursday I'll be interviewing the director of the St.Kilda Film Festival and young Harry Potter fans for their verdict on the new film. Tune in to your local Aussie radio and you might just hear what I have to say!

Do you think anyone will notice if I just pee right here?

3. Speaking of Harry Potter, the new film is getting the "enough already" thumbs sideways after the latest offering from the JK Rowling golden pot. I'll make my own mind up tomorrow night when I see the film, but knowing me I won't care and will love it anyway! (I'm great at ingoring faults). It's both wrong and scary that I now have the hots for Daniel Radcliffe.

If I sit here and grin long enough,maybe Travolta will leave me alone!

4. I finally saw a trailer for Hairspray and it doesn't look too bad. It looks like a mix between Grease and Dirty Dancing. It's based on a famous musical too (which was based on the 1988 John Waters film of the same name), which doesn't often bode well for the film, but Dreamgirls worked so maybe this will. Despite John Travolta looking ridiculous in drag AND a fat suit, the adorable newcomer Nikki Blonsky (what a name) looks set to overcome the stain that is Travolta. Expect it to hit Aussie cinema early September.

5. America is finally getting Sunshine. This came out in Australia months ago. I'm at a loss. It was very 2001 and a little bit Event Horizon. I liked it, even though the pace was at times a little annoying and the last half an hour was a totally different movie.

Sally was so glad the diet had ended.

6. Finally, another of my favourite subjects...the DEAD. George A. Romero, who started it all (the Zed word that is), is very excited about his latest offering, Diary of the Dead. Who isn't??? I've always been up for a good zombie-fest and Romero does it best. One of my favourite all time movies is Dawn of the Dead (1978). The release date is touted as this year but i'm not so sure we'll be seeing it til '08. Anyway keep your rotten flesh peeled for more news!

PS That nutty JJ Abrams indeed!

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