Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Movie Minute: Simpsons Reprise

Ok so after going on the radio (twice) and saying what a disappointment The Simpsons Movie was, I can't help but to think...was I just in a weird mood that day? On rottentomatoes.com it has a high rating. However, I did find some critics had the exact same view as me. I'm going to stick with my review for now but I'll definitely reconsider when it comes out on DVD.

I still haven't watched Eragon so apologies. Hopefully have a review of that up soon. This week I am super excited to say that Die Hard 4.0 (as it's called in Oz) has finally come to Australia. ABOUT TIME! I'm going to yell 'ROLL OUT BRUCE' when he comes on screen. I'll be 'that guy'. Hell yes.

ps Fun fact about me: I've only seen Pulp Fiction once, when it was at the movies. Odd for a gal like me... Tarantino fan and general lover of Sam L. Jackson!

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