Sunday, August 5, 2007

REVIEW: Fracture

She told me she was 18! I swear!

Fracture (2007)
Directed by:Gregory Hoblit (Hart's War, Primal Fear)
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling


I went to see Fracture not knowing much about it. Sometimes I like to be pleasantly surprised. Director Gregory Hoblit hasn't really done anything too exciting, though Primal Fear certainly was a decent film, so I wasn't expecting a home run. I have to say, I was right in my assumption. Having said that, Fracture was a stupendous film for several reasons, but wait, I'll get to that.

Fracture was delayed here in Australia, which usually isn't a good sign. Although, sometimes just because the film isn't a blockbuster, doesn't mean it's not a diamond in the rough. I thought this flick could go either way and I was pleasantly surprised when it was the latter and not the former.

Fracture begins when Anthony Hopkins character, Ted, catches his wife shagging some bloke and then waits for her at home to cap (shoot) her. Ryan Gosling's character is working for the D.A. and is forced to provide the case against Ted, but with no enthusiasm. After bungling the case, Gosling has to try and rectify his mistake, all the while deciding between jobs that will determine what kind of man he will become.

Ok so that sounds complicated, but surprisingly the flow is simple and some scenes seem unnecessary. Two supporting characters in particular get way too much screen time, and this doesn't make much sense until the final scenes. The perfumed notes of this film come when Gosling and Hopkins play off against each other. You have the seasoned actor, well past his prime, and the up-and-coming Oscar nominee with his whole career ahead of him. Gosling's character plays with the open arrogance of youth and Hopkins' with volumes of experience and it is this that makes you believe the characters seem to be heightened representations of the real men.

The film does have many flaws, and is one of those that could have been great and not just little more than ok. However, the performances from the two leads are not less than stunning, the story is well crafted and the ending will leave you with a big smile, nay smirk, upon your gob.

Fracture may be a 'wait for DVD film' but that's only due to its cerebral undertones and lack of big budget action. I thoroughly enjoyed Fracture and accepted its faults with grace in honour of the moods that were reminiscent of Hitchcock and the talented actors that portrayed their roles with fervor creating a less than ordinary thriller.

3/5 Solid Litigation Stars!

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