Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NEWS: July 17, 2007

Ahhh welcome to the movie news, where HP is king, Sickos wander the streets and Jared Leto returns to cinema (hopefully forgetting about a music career forever). This and more you'll find below. Venture if you dare! (Now with loads of links!)

Potter, did you brush your teeth?

1. Harry Potter has taken s--t loads at the box office. Big surprise there! Little Radcliffe has signed on to make 2 more for a measley 50 mil. The latest flick is being touted as the best, with some critics giving limp reviews. You might say, they're most likely limp in other areas, but you wouldn't because that's just rude!

2. Everyone loves a Sicko! The new doco about America's appalling healthcare system, unleashed a fued to end all fueds between the film's Director Michael Moore and television news network, CNN. Moore has called a truce, for now anyway, with the original fact dancers themselves. I just want to watch movies!

It puts the lotion on!

3. Speaking of Sicko, Jared Leto is a "Nobody". That was the line used on darkhorizons.com and I nearly spat out my food when I read it. Haven't I been saying that ever since he left to perform in a band, of which the name is unknown to most? Anywho, those who remember his sullen performance on that TV show with Claire Danes (don't yell at me, did it even make it to season 2) and his surprisingly well done scenes in the craptastic Alexander, will welcome his return. Ok so he's been in a couple of movies since Alexander. His new movie is about...ahh who cares. He's a douche now!

4. Steven Segal, yes you read that right, is not starring in anything but DVD's. I'm just mentioning him because he's suing his lawyers. Ahhh celebrities who dun read good. Is he acting out because he can't act???

5. To review Sunshine or not to review Sunshine? This movie came out AGES ago in Australia but is out now in America. Can I be bothered? Not really. Is that because it was a piece of crap? Not really. It was aight.

Cancelled? What do you mean cancelled?

6. Possibly the most exciting news of my day is when I read Mulder and Scully might be picking up the flash lights/torches again for a feature length X FILES!!!! This almost made me forget that Steven Segal exists! Almost. According to aintitcool.com, the truth is out there and it came straight from David Duchovny's mouth!

Finally, from aintitcool.com again, JJ Abrams Cloverfield project is a monster movie. Argh. James Bond is also returning to England and the day of days approaches, Arnie's birthday. Every year I celebrate with beers, stogies and copious amounts of Arn. Keep your metal eyes peeled for more news on that!

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