Sunday, July 22, 2007

Movie Minute: Explanation of Absence

Hello to all!

I am writing this short update to let you know I haven't died! Though I very well feel like it!

I've been sick and unable to attend movies or even watch DVD's. Now that IS something I recommend for when you are sick but you see the 7th and final book in a series about a boy wizard I am particularly fond of was released on Saturday and this, as much as anything, binds me to my bed.

Reading a good book is like directing your own movie, and not just that. It's desigining costumes, special effects and production the way you like. It's casting the movie yourself. I've always loved the opportunity to devour a story and this is a good one (both book and opportunity).

So happy viewing and I'll be back soon for an interesting take on your favourite movies.

Take care!


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