Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NEWS: August 20, 2007

Hey movie fans! I just watched an insane trailer for the Halloween remake. I actually think it's gonna be great! Click HERE to view it!

It's directed by Rob Zombie who so far has directed two vanity projects, House of 1000 Corpses and the Devil's Rejects. Both received some cult status but only with a very select group of people.

I'm looking forward to seeing him take on a classic. From what I've seen of the rocker's work on it so far, I can say that the new Halloween doesn't look like it will suck. However, I'll wait until I actually see the film before full suckiness level is determined! The film should be released in Australia at the end of this month. SHOULD, but probably won't.

Speaking of vanity projects, the mother of all vp's is due to hit DVD shelves in no time. According to yahoo movie news, Anthony Hopkins' film which he wrote, directed, stars in and composed the music for is called "Slipstream"...perhaps he should have just called it "SLIP" or "OOPS". Don't get me wrong, I totally dig Sir Anthony but, like Tom Cruise, he's lost touch of reality. [*ed. note: Yes I know it worked for Zach Braff, very well, but he's young and has an innocent optimism. Hopkins just looks sad!!!]

"Come on! Is this the face of a crazy person"?!

So now that I've mentioned the Cruiser, perhaps I should throw this little tidbit in. Tom Cruise's new film "Valkyrie" continues to be plagued by evil forces. 11 members of the crew were injured, one seriously, according to darkhorizons.com. Find out how by clicking the link. I personally believe it's a coverup story for what really happened. That is, they were run-over because they weren't Scientologists and one of them dared to curse the name Ron L. Hubbard!

That's all for the news today. I'm working on a contact so that if you have any news, pics or questions you want to share, you can send them on in. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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