Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Movie Minute: Vampire's are coming

But what do you mean by 'later in your trailer'?

Vampires are coming! Why is it that in Hollywood, you don't just have one vampire movie, you have 2 or 3 on the big screen and countless others on dvd. Or war movies, or superhero films, etc etc???

I've never understood this. Is it that one studio hears another studio is making a huge vampire movie with Will Smith ( I am Legend ) and some other studio says, 'Well, I'll take your Will Smith and raise you a Melissa George and a Josh Hartnett (30 Days of Night)?

Will had just found out about the love scene with his costar (pictured).

I don't really understand why this happens, but usally it's great! Like in the case of The Prestige and The Illusionist, two brilliant films about magicians that came out around the same time or The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan (both 1998).

Dude, do you think we'll still be famous in 2007?

I personally have a thing for Vamp movies, ever since I saw The Lost Boys (1987). This movie is apparently also getting the sequel treatment with most original cast members signed on. Why do they do it? Corey Haim and Corey Feldman now look like 'the creepy older guy at the club'. Collectively.

Whatever happens I am looking forward to these vamp movies, even the one with Lucy Liu (RISE), despite the fact that so far all signs point to career suicide. Two or three werewolf flix will also grace our screens over the next year.

Until then I'll rewatch The Lost Boys, Bram Stoker's Dracula and probably Underworld (not 2). I might even fit in a Salem's Lot or a Once Bitten.

What's your fave vampire movies? Enter yours in the comments!

ps. The trailer to 30 Days of Night actually looks pretty badass so tube it and watch!

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