Friday, October 12, 2007

Trailer: Southland Tales

I love the Rock, and as I said to a friend earlier, I'd watch a movie with him in it called "I Eat Poo Poo for 2 Hours...starring the Rock".(Hopefully he doesn't start making German films anytime soon)

HOWEVER, I watched this trailer for Southland Tales and I'm not too sure about it! What do you think?


Bambina_Belle said...

woooo hell yeah!! If you'd watch a German Porn film with "THE Rock" eating POO for 2 hours then you should definitely be up for Southland Tales!! Plus in the ad he's all "i'm a PIMP" so it probably isn't that far off...

I actually think it looks pretty cool, it's by the creator of Donnie Darko so it should just be totally AWESOME. :) even if it DOES have sarah Michelle Geller, but I think she may have slightly learned how to act. neways keep it up!!

jOeY! said...

It looks great! Odd, but great! I'd expect no less from the man who brought us "Donnie Darko."