Friday, October 12, 2007

Movie Minute

In defense of Bruce Willis, who is awesome.

Ok so part of my job in radio is research. One thing I do daily is the gossip report in the morning.

This means I have to trawl through the underbelly of the internet to find the dirtiest dirt.

The dirtiest of them all is by far, It's actually so disgusting that I get the creeps everytime I go there...I feel like I need a shower after exposing myself to its filth. Dirty dirty dirty!

So that brings me to today. Anyone who follows this blog (all 2 of you) will know that I love and adore Mr. Walter Bruce Willis. For me, he's sliced bread. Adoration, galore.

Then I saw this item at

It just made me so angry. Bruce must look like that for a role, but even if he gained 500 lbs, shaved his ass and glued the little curlies to his head to play a drooling idiot, he'd still be hotter than Miss Piggy look-a-like Perez Hilton! Attack Paris, Lindsay and Britney, but leave my Bruce alone!

ps I apologise for making you link to that awful site.

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