Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Movie Minute

Blogging. I started to look at it as a chore. Then I realised, I don't have to review every movie I see on here, or make it technically perfect. This is a blog, my blog, and I can write whatever I want.

Today I want to write about Nicolas Cage.

For years I couldn't stand the guy. I would purposefully avoid movies he was in (like I now do with Travolta ...Hairspray accepted....oooh Travolta you're starting to turn me!!!!!).

Yes he won an Oscar but he also has a freaky history with women (marrying Elvis' daughter is probably the worst stalker fan story I've ever heard) and he is probably the most arrogant sonofabitch in H-wood. I used to believe it was his Uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, who was the puppetmaster of Cage's career.

I missed out on countless guilty pleasure action flicks and scoffed at ones I wanted to like all because of "The Cage".

That was until after having just read 'The Davinci Code', a movie called National Treasure came out. I had to see it mainly because I thought, what a rip off! So I did and it was excellent. Sadly the Davinci Code movie was not. National Treasure reminded me of those good guy adventure flicks from days gone by where doing the right thing was the most important of them all.

Ok I admit it, I have statue envy!

There I was faced with a predicament. Do I still scoff at Nicolas Cage and his career against my own feelings or do I roll with it? I rolled baby! Right to the video store (yes we still call them that even though they are full of DVD's) and rented about 5 Cage flicks that I had denounced previously.

That was an awesome couple of days. The Rock, Matchstick Men, Moonstruck, Con-Air and Face Off. I couldn't get enough of the guy! I saw National Treasure again as soon as it was released on DVD too & am waiting for NT2 with anticipation.

Is migraine pain realling getting you down?

The entire reason why I wanted to write abotu Nic C was because of Ghost Rider. Oh stop your groaning. Yes it was awful, but it was one of those awfuls like greasy food at 2am. I felt bad for loving it.

So if you're like me and have something against certain actors for whatever reason, go rent or see a couple of movies that you've avoided on purpose. You might actually be pleasantly surprised. Either that or you could end up refusing to pay for them when you take them back but maybe it was worth a try!

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