Thursday, October 4, 2007

Movie Minute

Wolverine struggled with human contact until his love of the beach took over

Hey everyone. How crap am I at updating? Pretty crap.

I didn't get to see Rush Hour 3...prob was just as good as 1 & 2 which for some of you isn't saying much.

I'm seeing The Kingdom tonight (finally) and maybe Seeker on the weekend.

I discovered that Hugh Jackman is still in Oz after wrapping up filming of the epic Australia. He's going straight to working on Wolverine, the X-Men spin-off. Filming starts next month. Yep, he's ripped!

This item popped up on about the theft of computers etc associated with the filming of Indy 4. Why didn't Harrison just break out the whip? I'm sure he can find that crap...where the heck is Short Round when you need him?

My fave news of the week though was how Nicholas Cage caught a burglar in his house late at night that was wearing one of his jackets...and that's all! The nude burglar was asked to remove the jacket and was then escorted out by Cage who was probably trying to decide whether to laugh or beat his ass.

I hope he beat him...just a little...and that the video pops up on youtube...

Til next time! See you in the dark

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