Sunday, September 30, 2007

How I lost almost a week of my life..

Sadly this is no JJ Abrams inspired is a simple one, involving a shiny new XBOX ELITE and an even shinier Halo 3. That's right, your friendly neighborhood movie reviewer is a gamer...albeit closeted.

I've actually never bought a game console before. I did own a Nintendo (that's right, the original) which was purchased second hand by my mother for $30 with all the games and accessories following the release of the SNES or Super Nintendo.

I had always liked gaming but not the price involved. To fulfill my gamer instinct, I turned to PC gaming, and have been happy ever since.

That is until the release of this....

Halo 3.

What else can I say? Yes it has been hyped up and that could be part of the reason for the purchase of the XBOX ELITE pack. However, playing it is a different story. It's like being IN a movie. There are so many good things about HALO 3 and I won't go into it in fear of spoiler territory but let me just say, after playing HALO 2 a little, I can see the vast improvements. Plus, it's super fun!

So this entire confession of mine is an offer of (yet another) apology for being slack on the ol' blog. I have had a week off work and have been immersed in the (finally) new eps of my beloved TV shows and some kick ass new ones, a really fun book and a new XBOX, so it doesn't leave much internet time!

Yes yes time management. I'm trying ok! I do have a review of STARDUST on the way and hopefully a video companion (not filmed on my phone this time). I hope to see Rush Hour 3 very soon. Heaps of good flicks come out this week at the cinema too, like The Kingdom.

So it's out of Halo 3 and into the darkened sticky floored land in which I will continue to explore.

Until next time, see you in the dark!

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