Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trailer: Juno

Juno looks sweet! It also stars one of my new faves, Michael Cera. He looks hilarious in those yellow shorts!
According to rottentomatoes.com:

Juno stars Ellen Page as the title character, a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker (Cera). With the help of her hot best friend Leah (Thirlby), Juno finds her unborn child a "perfect" set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa (Bateman and Garner), longing to adopt.

MPAA RATINGPG-13, for mature thematic material, sexual content and language

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jOeY! said...

I was gonna comment on your MySpace, but then noticed that nobody commented on this particular blog entry, so I figured I'd be the first.

Ever since "Hard Candy," I've been a fan of Ellen Page (even though "X-Men 3" totally sucked... couldn't they have at least stayed a LITTLE true to the comics???). I never heard of "Juno" until I read your blog, and although I haven't seen the trailer yet (the YouTube link is broken), I'm definitely gonna see it. I mean, aside from Ellen Page and Michael Cera, it also has Rainn Wilson (I love "The Office".. best show ever) and my girl, Jennifer Garner! Can't wait.