Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just the random reel...

Hi fellow movie buffs! Today is my birthday! Yay!

I didn't go to the movies this evening, but I ate cake and got some good gift certificates and lots of Chocolate candy bars from the US which make me miss home. I wish I could give my Granny a hug too but who has $7,000 lying around to take a plane trip? Ok probably lots of people but put a minus sign in front of that and it's a bit more accurate for me! I miss my Granny, and won't see her 87 year old self anytime soon...even if it IS my birthday wish. (Ok so my real birthday wish had something to do with the new Indy movie but my heart was saying Texas).

This has nothing to do with movies!!!!!!!!!! I like to ramble on like an old V-dub.

(BTW - Yes, I have seen the movie above...I recommend it to lovers of B-grade horror. What the cover says is true!!!)

One thing that did crack me up is the ridiculously huge promo on for Semi-Pro, Will "The Hair' Ferrell's new movie. I like how Andre 3000 is now called Andre Benjamin...kinda like how The Rock was introduced as Dwayne Johnson at the Academy Awards. He's a real actor now y'all!

Highlights for me this week besides the Oscars and my birthday included:

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Hello Casey Affleck, welcome to the world's greatest actor's club...please stay awhile.

The possibility of seeing Run Fatboy Run this weekend...a predicted highlight.

Receiving a preview copy of Atonement from one of my "sources". Borat High Five!

Learning about a sweet interview I have next Tuesday...more details to come soon.

Talking to Paramount Pictures on the phone about something not related to said interview but something much more exciting.

This picture of Diablo Cody from her MySpace blog. Priceless.

This description of the plot of Star Wars from a toddler...

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