Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rat vs. Penguin, Round 1...Fight!

Ok so it's not really a fight, I mean Ratatouille won the Best Animated Film Oscar. Let's just call this DVD wars then...can they ever really just get along?

So basically I finally rente
d Surf's Up and Ratatouille (which I have to look up how to spell EVERY single time) and was really impressed by both. There have been so many great films out each week it's often hard to decide which I will see. I'd love to see them all but it's only a time constraint issue. Sadly time is something which I seem to have less and less of lately.

These two films are so different, it was hard for me to compare them. Ratatouille is a polished, mature story about one character's dream and how he strives against adversity to make it happen. Ok so "he" is a Rat and his dream is to be a chef but it's done by Pixar and their God Brad Bird. This movie was classy and reminded me for some reason of Lady and the had that sort of feel, even though the story was so dissimilar. Ratatouille is definitely a movie which appeals more to us grown ups, and its message really strikes home to those of us who have had to struggle, or who are currently struggling, with obstacles and doubt from others in our lives.

Surf's Up on the other hand was a bright, fun mockumentary movie about a penguin who dreams of becoming a world famous surfer. Once again, the story here is about overcoming adversity and believing in yourself, when no one else seems to. However, you couldn't have a more different film from Ratatouille. This film was really 'cool' in the way that is very hard to create. It just has to happen. Some of the camera shots were really original for an animated feature and I challenge you not to fall in love with Cody Maverick (Shia LaBouef). I'm so pleased to see that someone else, namely Sony Pictures Animation, can create a product that directly competes with Pixar who has been a leader for so long. Surf's Up is a gorgeous film and one that I enjoyed so much, I actually did run right out and buy it.

Out of the two, Surf's Up became my pick, only because Ratatouille made with the tragedy a little harsher, and came off as kind of depressing at times. After watching Surf's Up I felt uplifted and, just like the title character, as though I could accomplish anything. Both films looked amazing and both were so well done and full of heart that you could never deny that either are spectacular.

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