Saturday, February 2, 2008

Matt Damon might just start a revolution...

Matt Damon has never been to rehab. He has never been involved in scandal, unless you count the gay rumours, and we all know how much credibility a gay rumour has...remember Burt and Ernie?

Matt Damon is gracious in interviews, manages to mostly stay out of the limelight and keep his personal stuff personal, makes good movies (just forget that one where he was a Siamese twin) and can really laugh at himself. (That video he and Sarah Silverman did for Jimmy I want to F*** Matt Damon!)

Matt Damon is not a Scientologist or a follower of Kabbalah or however you spell it, and I don't even know what religion he is if any, which is another good sign.

Matt Damon hasn't adopted a billion kids from third world countries or tried to abuse his charity work to sharpen his image.

Why will he start a revolution? Because everything Matt Damon does is with a quiet dignity. His personal life, career and morality never seem to be in question. He's as average as I suppose you or me. As corny as it sounds, the guy really does seem 'down to earth'.

I read today that Eva Mendes is in rehab. This following the death of the beloved Heath Ledger has just made me realise how screwed up Hollywood is (as if I didn't know it before, but I guess you could call this a boiling point). It seems as though, if you aren't in the spotlight doing naughty things, you're doing them behind closed doors. People always find out, and they never forget.

Matt Damon has cleverly worked out how to be a credible, bankable movie star, have a fun and balanced life, and as a truly nice guy enjoy what he does with all his heart. His charity work is as humble as he is and Damon doesn't abuse his fame by ruining himself on the gossip pages. The guy has managed to avoid public scrutiny and hounding by demonazzi simply being simple, and lives his life for himself and his very average family, while we the public get to enjoy his fabulous body of work. In other words, Matt Damon is boring, but in the best way possible. And guess what? He's as rich and famous as you can probably be or want to be in Hollywood. So why don't we focus on the positive, and not the negative?

Every time I see that Lindsay did this or Paris snorted that or Britney, well, we all know what Britney did, does and will do...every time I see this stuff I have to remind myself about Matt Damon and others like him. I say good job MD. Thanks for being who you are and for refusing to buy in to all the bullshit. Thanks for being your own person and for that quiet dignity.

Let's hope there will always be a few Matt Damons in Hollywood...

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