Sunday, February 24, 2008

They know me!

Have you ever had the absolute confidence that someone really knows you?

Today I had some of my favourite people over for lunch because it's my birthday on Thursday. I figured, most people usually have Sunday free (which they did) so we did it today.

I was so pleased with all the gifts that I received and it choked me up just knowing that my close family and friends really "get me".

There were several vouchers for books and DVD's (hello, me in a nutshell), The Indiana Jones Box Set (finally an upgrade from my dusty VHS tapes), a giant Star Wars helium balloon that played the Darth Vader theme song (by far the funniest and most popular gift of the day), and some, for me at least, nostalgic American chocolate bars.

I also received other non-movie related things like a beautiful mineral necklace that I had complemented someone on so convincingly that they bought one for me too (yay, it's so beautiful), a house plant (they're my other children, besides the cat) and tons of food that everyone chipped in for the lunch. I seriously love food.

I've had the best birthday and it isn't even my birthday! I'm heading out for dinner for the actual day, and maybe a movie...Run Fatboy Run should be out. I'm also counting on some choice presents from my sister and her husband, boyfriend and Mother who are all very talented gift givers. Hobbits would really like them, maybe even Kender, though they like everyone.

I hope whoever you are you have as nice a birthday as I've far!

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